Nozzle-Aid A Quality Control Inspection and Spill Containment Necessity

Nozzle-Aid was developed by a team of experts with decades of experience in the fuel services industry. Frustrated at seeing operators struggle with the task of replacing fuel hoses and inspecting nozzle screens, they pooled their operational, Health Safety and Environmental management as well as mechanical engineering know-how to find the answer to a question plaguing fuel operators for years. “How can we replace fuel hoses and inspect nozzle screens on a regular basis without personal injury or a fuel spill?”

Today, these risks continue to rise as fueling professionals see the frequency of mandatory nozzle screen inspections increasing to meet new specifications, standards and technical orders published by the Air Transport Association of America (A4A), the Military and the National Fire Protection Association. There is no doubt about the wisdom, intention or contribution these practices will make to the safety and quality of fuel system operations. At the same time, every manager is concerned that they are increasing the likelihood of an undesirable incident.

Here’s where we like to say, “Nozzle-Aid to the rescue!” because today, thanks to our team of experts, there is a solution that provides a safe and environmentally friendly option to reduce these risks. 

It's a Containment Device!

Open the poppet valve on the nozzle and drain fuel from the nozzle and hose directly into the Nozzle-Aid without spill or splash.

It's Grounded!

By connecting the bonding cable to the Nozzle-Aid ground lug you’re protected with a solid ground connection throughout the repair or inspection.

It's Firmly in Position!

The bayonet adapter plate allows the operator or mechanic to secure the nozzle with a twist, just like connecting to an aircraft. The screen faces the operator at the proper angle, making proper inspection quick and effective. 

It's Sturdy!

 The 1/8 inch aluminum plate body gives the Nozzle-Aid the strength to endure in the most rugged of services, yet it remains light enough, at eighteen pounds, to be managed without fear of back injury. The ergonomically placed handling holes are roomy enough for big hands with work gloves and the footstep base provides the proper leverage when pulling back on the quick coupler, making hose separation trouble-free.  

It's Fast!

There’s no longer any need to take trucks offline for the routine inspection procedure. Operators can perform inspections at the loading rack in less time than it takes to “top off”.


Did You Want Easy Cleanup Too?

 The handy pouring spout and the “blast finish” help facilitate recovery of any fuel drainage for recovery or proper waste disposal.  

And It Saves Money!

Time is money, and injuries and spillage are costly. It has often been said that having the right tool for the job is worth its weight in gold, and choosing the right tool for the job may be the most important step in a job well done.  

Ultimately, the Nozzle-Aid is one of the most effective “Best Management Practices” available today. 

Add Nozzle-Aid to your tool closet, and you will protect your employees, protect your quality, protect the environment, and protect your bottom line. 

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